Driver's Education Course

Course Overview

At Golden’s Driving Academy we work tirelessly to ensure that our students graduate with an understanding of the seriousness and the responsibility that driving a vehicle on our roads brings. Students will learn more than just how to drive in our course. They will walk away with knowledge of the commitment it takes to be a safe and responsible driver.

The course may run anywhere from four to six weeks, depending on the time of the year. We meet in person for 30 hours of intensive, in-person classroom learning. Golden’s Driving Academy is a firm believer that in-person learning is the best methodology when it comes to  such crucial material. We feel that this course is too important to leave to an online learning experience, or a Zoom class. Our students will use only the most up to date textbooks and student workbooks available. We are currently using the 15th Edition of AAA’s How to Drive text and student workbook. This is considered the top rated text in driver’s education

We dedicate the time and effort to teach the importance of safety while operating a vehicle. Students are taught the hazards of driving on Maine roads. We specifically cover certain road conditions and wildlife they may encounter in our state. We take the time to instruct how to properly navigate those instances. We take our student’s safety very seriously.

As we progress through the classroom learning, we schedule each student for 10 hours of behind the wheel education. While we always attempt to make sure the student is relaxed and enjoying these lessons, we also take this time very seriously. We too, have children of our own and would want them to receive this same level of attentive education. Behind the wheel instruction should be enjoyable, but done with the safety of the student as the number one priority. 

As State regulations require, we must have parent/guardian participation for this course. For us at Golden’s Driving Academy, this takes place as a Parent Ride along during the last hour of the student’s behind the wheel training. Within this time the instructor will familiarize the parent/guardian with termanology and teaching points that we use during our instruction. They may also point out any weaknesses that the student should continue to work on when driving with their permit.


Total Classroom time: 30 hours

Behind the wheel education: 10 hours

Parent involvement: 1 hour Parent Ride Along

Minimum Passing Grade for course and Final: 80% (per State of Maine BMV)

Total Cost of Course: $575
Fee includes classroom, driving, text Book, workBook, and test

*Make up class for missed 3 hour classroom session: $75

We must take time out of our schedule to make up this time.

*Make up class for missed 1 hour classroom session: $30

*Missed Driving appointment without 4 hour prior notice: $40 per hour missed

***Fees must be paid for missed classes or appointments prior to scheduling the next drive time***

Students must bring the following to the first class:

1. Deposit / Payment if not completed online
2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
3. Notebook & writing utensils