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At Golden's Driving Academy we are parents too. We understand as parents, that you may have concerns and not be as eager for your child to drive, as they are. These concerns are justified. Statistics show that over one third of all teen fatalities are related to automobile accidents. Driving an automobile is a huge responsibility and without adequate training, can be disastrous.

For these reasons we are committed to providing every student with not only the knowledge to pass a written permit test, but to teach our students the skills necessary to be safe, responsible drivers.

Graduated Licensing System

The state of Maine has a graduated licensing system for new drivers. As students age, mature and gain experience, they are given more freedom and responsibility.

Sutdents at least 15 years old begin the process by attending an approved driver education program. Upon successful completion they are granted a learner's permit. Students then drive with a parent or other adults over 20 years old and accumulate driving experience and hours. After they turn 16 years of age and have met certain requirements including driving hours, they can take the license exam. Once they are licensed, they are issued an "intermediate license". During this time they can drive alone or with immediate family members but can not transport friends, use a cell phone or drive late at night. Once this restricted period passes, they become fully licensed drivers.

For more information and details please visit our Graduated Licensing page.

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