Student Course Rules & Refund Policy

The total cost of this course is $575.00, which includes 30 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction.  A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is due prior to the start of the course. You may withdraw from the course and receive a 100% refund of the paid balance of the tuition, minus the $200.00 deposit. This refund is good up to and including the first class session. After this time there will be no refund. The student may return to another course and finish at a later date, not to exceed 6 months from the date of this application, given that there is space available in said course. **If the course fees have increased in that time, the student will pay the difference prior to starting the course.**

Golden’s Driver Education Rules for Students

1.  In order to obtain a course completion certificate these four following components must be met:

  • The student must complete all required hours; 30 classroom hours and 10 behind the wheel hours
  • There must be parental involvement in the form of a parent ride along.
  • Students must earn an 80% or better for course grade.
  • Students must pass their final exam with at least an 80%

2.  Students are not allowed by law or course policy to operate a motor vehicle on public roadways, other than in the driver education program. Any violation of this will result in removal from class. No refund will be given.

3.  Any student exhibiting the effects of drugs or alcohol will be removed from the program. No refund will be given.

4.  If in the judgement of the instructor the student is over tired, emotionally upset, or has physical injury that would impair their ability to safely operate a vehicle, the student will be refused permission to drive at that time. This is entirely up to the instructor due to the safety of all involved.

5.  Driver’s Education is a serious course of study involving the present and future safety of the participants. Any student, who is disruptive or disorderly, will be removed from the class. A second violation of this will result in removal from the course. This behavior can directly impact other’s learning and does not demonstrate the maturity needed to be a safe participant in driver’s education.  No refund will be given.

6.  Students MUST be clean and appropriately dressed according to reasonable standards. When working in a small environment, such as an automobile, it is understood that good personal and oral hygiene is maintained. Please also understand that too much of a fragrance may bother people, i.e. AXE, strong body sprays, colognes, etc. Please just be considerate of others.

7.  Juvenile smoking of tobacco, drinking of alcohol, or consumption/possession of drugs while in class or in the presence of Golden’s Driving Academy employees will be removed from the course. No refund will be given.

This course is regulated by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Driver Education Section 207-624-9000 ext. 52128